From Concept to Creation

And The Four Phases of Business


The foundation of your business. Not getting it right from the start and trying to fix it later is like trying to repair a moving car. It's possible, but who would?



Ajustment and pivot phase. Here is where you keep and refine what works and remove what doesn't. Start hiring key positions for long term growth.



The phase of explosive growth. This phase is where great success or great failure is made. If systems and processes are not in place, it's late.



Marketing strategies change, rapid growth mostly happens via acquisitions, and brand awareness and positioning are the driving factors.


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Training & Support

Business Success has a Method....


What is everyone say about the trainings

“One of the most powerful course I have taken It creates massive effect in my life I have taken massive action day in and day out Thank you so much :D”


Enzo ColosoTraining Course Student

“Dewong was very knowledgeable in the content and also very helpful in reminding me to progress through the course till I finished it! The biggest takeaway from the course was understanding the difference between hustler, entrepreneur, and business owner. I went and finished his kindle book also to learn more about his philosophies on entrepreneurship. It was more about the philosophies you need to instill to be a successful entrepreneur, its was also pretty solid as well. Thanks for the great content Dewong, keep it coming!”


Nadir Kabir Training Course Student

“Good information that ever entrepreneur should know. Many people fall into the "business owner" mentality and fail miserably. Dewong provides practical information in this course that you can start using today.”


Kenneth UnderhillTraining Course Student


From concept to creation and all the 4 phases of business. We can help.
Looking for help in increasing brand development, creating or improving your website, developing a referral video, or adding eCommerce that works with your brand? We can help.

Brand & Strategy

Having a consistant and effective brand that speaks to your customer base is key to seperating your business from the competition. Let us help you standout from the noise.

Web & Interface

Having an effective web presents begins with your website. If you don't have one, it's not mobile friendly or haven't been updated in the last 6-12 months then you want to have it created or recreated. Why do it yourself when we can help for less than you think.

Photo & Video

Having a photo and/or customer review page and dramatically increase you google ranking and allow your business to stand out. Most people will read customer reviews first to determine if they want your product or service. Prices varies.

CMS & eCommerce

No product or service sells it self. Having a place where customer can get to know about your business, what you have to offer and do it in one place keeps them coming back.


If you have a desire to succeed in business, willing to commit to the person staring back at you in the mirror, and willing to give your best without hesitation win, lose, or draw then you came to the right place.

Hi, my name is Dewong Lucas, Sr. and I’ve been Helping Entrepreneurs since I opened my first business in 1989. It was a computer repair company. Since then I have owned, partnered, consulted and invested in many companies in various industries. The reason I’m so passionate about seeing individuals succeed is because of the many road blocks, misinformation, negative influences and lack of resources I had to deal with before and sometimes during my years in business.

If you’ll notice, in the most successful areas of your life (reading, writing, talking, walking, or even eating) there was a person or people there to guide, assist, coach, direct, correct and help you succeed. That’s the purpose of Helping Entrepreneurs. I’m here to assist, coach, direct, correct and help you succeed. It doesn’t matter if it’s two days or two decades in business everyone can use help. What's your KUSA Level?


Dewong Lucas Sr.


"You can never beat the average being the average... Seek greatness at being you. When you do, you don't compete you dominate."

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